Top 10 Best House Animals 

There are many animals out there that can be considered as traditional household pets and there’s also ones that are a little more unique. With that being said, what animals are the best to have in your home and as part of your household? Here are ten of the best house animals that you’ll want to look at homing this year.

1. Dogs

Dogs are your best friends and they’re loyal companions. With a range of breeds to choose from, you can decide to choose a dog from a registered breeder or rescue a dog from a rescue centre. Great for those who’ve got a lot of love to give.

2. Cats

For those that want a more relaxed version of the canines, cats are often another option. With both dogs and cats, you’ll have some who prefer dogs and others that prefer cats. Again, there are lots of different breeds to choose from and mostly spend their lives indoors.

3. Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are a lovely household animal for those who live in smaller spaces and those who are younger in age. They require a lot less in the way of attention and can be housed indoors or outdoors depending on the space you have available.

4. Rabbits

Another one for the outdoors are rabbits. These fluffy animals are a perfect choice for those who want a cuddle buddy and are a great fit for those who have children within the household. However, care must be taken to keep them safely kept from harm’s way when it comes to foxes.

5. Chickens

Talking of foxes, chickens are another one to look out for when it comes to housing them on your property. They’re also great for being more self-sufficient as they produce plenty of eggs throughout the year.

6. Horses

Horses are a more particular animal to own as many choose to ride them as well as looking after their daily needs either on your own land or at a stables nearby. Horses are generally more expensive animals to keep so this is worth noting.

7. Fish

A very good house animal for those just starting out when it comes to owning pets. They need very little attention other than feeding. However, they’re not the type of animal that you can really spend much time with due to them needing water to survive!

8. Small Birds

Birds that you can keep in cages like parrots, are a great choice for those that don’t want too much activity from the house animals themselves. There are also many varieties of birds to choose from.

9. Ferrets

Ferrets have become increasingly popular over the years and are a furry house pet that can provide many years of friendship for those interested in this type of animal.

10. Turtles

And finally, the humble turtle. Not the most entertaining house animal but can still be a pet that you can become fond of over time.

This list isn’t one that’s exhaustive as there are many more animals that can live within your home. Consider what animals you have the time to look after and know the responsibilities that come with owning an animal as your own.