Why It's Important to Get Your Puppy Vaccinated Right Away


In the excitement of getting a new puppy, it may slip your mind that they need to be vaccinated. Since they’re so young, they are typically healthy when you first get them, so you may feel like they will be fine without the vaccines. Here is why it’s important to prioritize your puppy’s vaccinations and not delay.

Protection From Disease

The biggest reason for getting your puppy vaccinated right away and not delaying is to protect your new pet from disease. Puppies are very vulnerable to some very nasty diseases and even life-threatening conditions because their immune systems are yet to be fully developed. This is why they can become very unwell from something that an older dog might not have an issue with at all.


The External link opens in new tab or windowvaccinations given to puppies are provided at an early age due to this very issue. Since the immune system is not going to protect the dog as much as it will when it is older, the vaccination is a way to help.


As well as preventing your pet from developing a variety of potentially fatal health conditions, vaccinations given at the right time without delay will save you money. A sick pet will cost a lot more than vaccinations ever would, and in purely money-saving terms, vaccinations are by far the best option.

Health For Others

Vaccinations are not just given to puppies to protect them from otherwise avoidable disease but also to protect others. Some conditions that puppies (and older dogs or other animals) can develop can be passed to other animals. To prevent this from happening, vaccinating your puppy as soon as possible is the best course of action. You wouldn’t want to be responsible for another one of your pets, or even someone else’s pet, becoming unwell, especially if they have other conditions that might mean whatever they catch becomes fatal.


On top of this, it’s important to remember that some diseases can be passed from dogs to humans. Again, vaccinating your puppy early means that this is far less likely, and you can keep your own health – and that of your family – as safe as possible.

You Can Travel

Do you have a vacation booked? Do you need to travel for work? Might you be called away from home because of an emergency? You’ll know the answer to the first two questions, but the very nature of the last means that you just never know; you may have to be away from home quite suddenly. What would happen to your puppy if you have to travel (or want to travel)?


There are two options. The first is that you put your puppy into boarding kennels or similar. The second is that you take them with you. In either case, assuming you need to board any kind of public transport or stay in a hotel, you will need to provide proof that your puppy has been vaccinated. If you can’t do this, finding a dog-friendly hotel or booking into a boarding facility may be impossible, and your trip could be in jeopardy.